Welcome to Website of my personal project:  ONE PERSON STUDIO


It started as a simple project with a simple philosophy and meaning. When I pass by an interesting person I always think how great would be to shoot them in a studio, but in this world full of rush it is not possible to drag them into one.  So one day I decided to equip my backpack with a beauty dish and a flash to produce studio lighting on the street.


My aim is to shoot portraits of people on the street so that they look as if they could have been taken in a studio. In the world fully submerged in rush, full of instant images straight from our mobile phones we don’t  need to visit photographic studios as we did in the past. Simply to have our images/ portraits taken without any occasion, just like that. We use our mobile devices to shoot spontaneous images, recording our life as it is.

But we JUST don’t go to studios, unless someone is an actress, actor, model etc. and it is required by their profession,  ”normal” people just simply DON’T HAVE THEIR PORTRAITS TAKEN.

This is when I came up with the idea for ONE PERSON STUDIO.

I do post-produce my images but not to make people beautiful but to show more details of their skin, to drag out secrets  they would sometimes like to hide. It ‘s about the portrait not about the ironed world of photoshopped, glossy images. It is about truth, sometimes one we would like to hide.


I don’t know where this project will take me, but I’d like this project not to be limited to portraits of people in the street. I’d like this to evolve into something like an opportunity to share seemingly forgotten art of portrait, of captures of people’s emotions, normal people not only celebrities.  Hope you will like what I’d like to share with you.

I don’t direct people how they should act in front of the camera, I give them the space and there they do what they want to do. No right or wrong posing, no judging. I’d like them to be themselves, to be natural, I’m there for them, for this simple image.
I’m ONE PERSON and Welcome to my STUDIO! 🙂

Maciek Krula



(This is non-profit project but if you would like to see my commercial portfolio please feel free to visit my website http://www.krula.co.uk/ )

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