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Anna said: “I’m coffee & twix enthusiast. “

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Gepetto from Lauren’s Tattoo said: “I love my work, meet all kinds of different people. Easy going and having a laugh.”  

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Whitey from Lauren’s Tattoo said: “Hold tight!! 🙂 “

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George (Tank) Costache

  George (Tank) Costache from Flamin’ 8 said: “Where the lake disappears in to the forest and the sky embraces the trees, where art and life combine… I’ll find that perfect being!”

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  Naresh from Flamin’ 8 said: “I’m all out of pretentious sound bites and clichés”

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Terry Frank

Terry Frank from Flamin’ 8

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Sergi Sanches Besa

  Sergi Sanches Besa from Flamin’ 8

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Araceli 4Ever

Araceli 4Ever from Prick Tattoo said: ”I’m a latina bitch who chews bubble gum n kickass… n’ I’m all out of bubblegum.”    

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  Kirsty from Flamin’ 8  

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